Cardio Exercise: The Heart of the Matter


Other than a sweaty t-shirt what do you have to show from doing a cardio workout? A slimmer stomach, killer quads, powerful heart and lungs as well as a sharp mind.

With the correct approach, you can always get the most out of your cardio muscle burn.

Cardiovascular [aerobic] exercise that increases the work of the heart and lungs improves the blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improves heart function, improves muscle mass and reduces the risk of heart disease.

The American College of Sports Medicine and the CDC recommend, adults accumulate 20 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week. Doing so, improves cardiovascular endurance. 

Cardio workouts are most beneficial when you get into a fat and calorie burning zone.

To calculate the zone: subtract your age from 220, the calculate 70% of that for your target heart beats per minute.

To calculate your heart beats per minute: take your pulse for 60 seconds and add a zero to the number.

Note: you can always find your fat burning zone by using a pulse monitor. Or take the talk test: while doing aerobics, speak a sentence. If you are to winded to finish the sentence, you’re overdoing it, if it’s to easy to finish, kick your pace up a bit.

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