What is Functional Movement Training?

Functional Movement training is based up the movements a person performs throughout his/her daily life and activities. These movements mimic the way our body works—in multiple planes and with multiple joint actions that require sufficient muscle strength, flexibility, stabilization and coordination.

Functional Movement Training is a sequential method of teaching fitness that creates an integrated learning experience for all my clients. It provides a foundation that is fundamental, functional with specialized movements and skills that can be built upon and supports the development of fitness and healthfulness. Fitness programs built on the principles of Functional Movement Training  provide the necessary skills to develop proper form, core strength, balance, muscle memory and simultaneously guide my clients through the importance of mental focus (Intellectual Calisthenics) during each, precisely timed and structured exercise session.

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                      What are the principles behind Functional Movement Training?

  1. Development of proficiency in correct movement and mental focus skill (Biomechanics)
  2. Correction of dysfunction, through increased movement efficiency (Rehabilitation),
  3. Development of increased health and skill related fitness levels (Exercise & Fitness)
  4. Enhancement of movement skills for increased performance and physical activity

The key is to design a training program that prepares clients for their every day physical activities. This can be done designing exercises sessions that train the muscles in the way they are used throughout the client’s day; in other words, Functional Movement Training.

Functional Movement Training trains movements, not muscles. The emphasis is on attaining a whole body fitness, strength, flexibility, agility, balance and functionality.

Functional Movement Training combined with mental acuity (Intellectual Calisthenics) engenders a graceful physicality that is a joy to go through life with!

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