Soda tastes great... but!


Did you know soda is one of the most toxic drinks for your body? It contains aspartame [rat poison], and is filled with processed sugars, dyes and other harmful chemicals.

Here are some facts you may not have known about soda:

1. The chemical make up can be used to clean your toilet.

2. The chemical make up can be used to clean rust from chrome.

3. The chemical make up can be used to remove corrosion from your car battery.

4. A truck transporting the concentrated ingredients that make up soda are required to display, ‘Hazardous Material” signs. Yet, the same warning isn’t required on the cans and bottles people drink it from!

Here are some reasons why soda is detrimental to your health:

1. It increases your cholesterol by up to 11%.

2. The sugar and acid content contributes to tooth decay.

3. It causes weight gain leading to obesity.

4. It increases the risk of developing kidney stones.

5. It contains phosphoric acid which increases ones risk of osteoporosis.

6. It causes dehydration and, its ph levels that advance the aging process.

7. Some studies reveal, drinking two or more sodas a week increases the risk of developing cancer. [There’s no shortage of people with cancer, is there?]

8. Soda’s caffeine content causes sleep disorders for those who drink it in the evening.

9. Its carbonation content causes acid reflux and heartburn… the manufacturers of Tums is all for this.

10. It increase the risk of diabetes!s

By now I imagine you get the point.


If you’re attempting to get off the soda wagon, consider fresh, naturally sweet, tasty and colorful fruit juices.

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