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In the comfort and convenience of your home or office, improve your overall health, fitness,

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      I train athletes - non-athletes - young and old. 

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                   The Benefits of an In-Home Personal Trainer

                 Functional Movement Training

                               How it works

                              [Simplifying Movement]

Put simply, FMT is a ranking and grading system that implements and monitors patterns of everyday normal physical function. I identify your functional limitations in need of attention. By design, my programs are developed to  increase your range of motion, skeletal structual strength, flexibility and pulmonary endurance. My approach targets problem areas and tracks your progress as we correct them.

FMT simplifies the concept of movement and its impact on your body, to the benefit of each individual client. I utilize simple language making it easy for my clients to understand what’s going on.

In terms of safety-FMT quickly identifies dangerous movement patterns, correts them and moves forward in a safe [injury avoideness] manner, on the path to realizing your health and fitness goals. 

Functional Movement Training is important at every age of  life, it is particularly essential for seniors. My approach can help stave off many health issues associated with aging––heart disease, high blood pressure, high chlorestrol and limited ability to perform typical everyday physical activity. 

You don’t need to be old, just because you’re aging! My approach to health and fitness allows you to age with grace, energy and joy. 

Take it from someone in my 6th decade of life––my approach to fitness and health works.

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